Right to Feed Christian Employees to Lions

squirrelIt happens often enough that the inherent humor in the event is no longer met with a smile but rather with a groan acknowledging the stupidity of the news source in question. Yes, too often the right-wing media (we won’t give any special treatment for Fox News since it has been shown to have a truthiness level at a seemingly high 19%) uses its bloated ability to fictionalize in a way that has them taking even the most outlandish and fake satirical news as being real and showing concrete evidence of what their own fiction and lies has been saying all along.

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Investigate NASA

The Snopes site which responds to rumors in an attempt to kill them before they go totally viral and infect the thinking of half the population just responded to this question:

Please check out this article about the discovery of tablets on Mars proving the existence of God. The same story is already on many other sites also being repeated as if it were true.

MosesThe response from Snopes was a clear FALSE but in today’s political climate you can expect the story to be further embellished and in six months it will be treated as the truth by a significant portion of the population, at least by those that desperately want to believe in the Judeo-Christian-Moslem god (there is only one god, remember). Furthermore, don’t be surprised when that protector of the American Way, Daryll Issa, opens an investigation demanding to know what information NASA is hiding from Congress and insisting that all intelligence, real or imagined, connected with this issue be turned over to his committee without further delay.

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