Let’s see:

With one person the choice is Alive or Dead.

With two people they both might be Alive or they both might be Dead, but to make it more interesting, one might be Dead while the other still Lives (and vice versa).

With three people it starts to get complicated: Alive Alive Alive; Alive Alive Dead; Alive Dead Alive; Dead Aline Alive; Alive Dead Dead; Dead Alive Dead; Dead Dead Alive; Dead Dead Dead.

With 332 million people, 320 thousand Americans are Dead and the projected Life Expectancy in the country is being revised downward.

This is some insane clown’s definition of Winning?

Turn the Defibrillator Up To Eleven

images.jpgWhen I was in college I regularly would drive down to my folks’ place in San Diego. I can’t tell you how many times late on a Friday night I would be driving down the Freeway with my car door open watching the lane markers slowly go by as I was essentially driving blind in a thick coastal fog. It was actually damn scary.

Have you ever wandered deep into the woods on a dark and moonless night only to stop suddenly, realizing that you had no idea where you were or if you were about to step into a prairie dog hole and break your leg only to be found three-days later half-eaten by drooling carnivores and nibbled on by ubiquitous insects.

Heavy fog is much like the black of night.

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