Did we forget those December suggestions?

Although I may be slowing down and taking a few shortcuts on this site, at least for now there is still a daily reading suggestion. Many of these titles I have read and sometimes the monthly list is just chock-full of books I have yet to read (generally I won’t put a book on the list if I wouldn’t read it myself).

This is a compilation of the suggested reading from December 2014: I’ve read a couple and definitely have several others on my soon-to-be-read list. Anything that stands out for you? I know I’m falling behind on my Murakami so I’d better step up to this interesting author.

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The Last Month For This Reading Pool

NYPL ReadingroomI noticed this year that I tend to look in places other than my annual reading pool for new books to read. If you are sharp you might suspect that the total number of unread books in the reading pool doesn’t significantly go down during the year, even though I am reading a significant number of books. Well, the pool might not be so useful during the year but it does put a lot of authors and titles into my head that surprisingly pop up as if by magic when I’m thinking about something to read.

The monthly reading pools are another question. True, I often read titles that are outside of those listed, especially after a trip to the library, but the majority of books I read each month do come from the list.

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