Stay Classy and Read

images-3.jpgI want to again warn everyone that although I occasionally refer to these as “Suggested Reading,” they’re not really suggestions. When I was in school they built a new shopping center across the canyon from my parent’s house. At the time it was big and fancy but I was there about two years ago and they have doubled or even tripled the size of the mall and added a couple of movie theaters and four or five large themed restaurants.

But when it first opened. the star attraction for me was a well-stocked bookstore called Hunter Books. Up until Hunter opened, I made my reading selections from the wire racks down at the candy store. At Hunter I could browse for hours seeking just the right book to read. Do you remember scanning up and down the shelves being drawn in by a colorful cover or a catchy title. I would say that I selected my reading matter with my eyes. It was much later that I actually opened a prospective read and tasted the prose for a page or two.

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New Reading Possibilities

imgres.jpgI’m off visiting my daughter and granddaughter in Florida with limited tools to do ACOR justice, but I’ll try. Luckily  worked on my monthly reading pool and have several of the selections on my iPhone.

I still have to figure out how to cut and paste and update my Acive Reading page, but for now this post is my December reading list.

Wait, Wait … I’m back home and trying to pick up the pieces. Lots to read here: how about where you are?

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