Many Are Published, Few Are Read

imgres-2.jpgOne year I reprinted the entire year’s list of recommended or suggested titles, all three-hundred and sixty-five or so. That was probably unnecessary and I don’t think I have done it since. I have been publishing these suggestions off and on since 1997 or so and although a complete list would be interesting, it would be impossible since I have migrated the ACOR website from one platform to another, one server to another, one application to another over the years.

To date this site on WordPress has been the most successful and the most inclusive (but not always the easiest to maintain). Even though I often have to generate lists via cut and paste instead of automatically generating subsets of books from my database, I still find the WordPress application and online platform the best place for my reading site and my grouchy pronouncements on society or politics or bodily fluids.

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New Titles For the Last Month of 2016

images-2.jpgThis new reading list follows the scheme I developed a few months back. I notice that despite having several titles by the two or three selected authors, I tend to only read one or at best two and cover the majority of my reading with the unconnected titles. Perhaps this is a good plan since it allows me to have 15 or 16 new titles to chose from and also 9 or 10 titles focused on specific authors. Since I general only read about 8 books each month, the ratios seem valid.

I have been selecting titles that are mostly new. But this means there are numerous books being skipped over that I really want to read. I’m going to have to schedule a make-up month soon to catch up on some of the great reading I just didn’t have time for.

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