Last Chance To Remember 2020

As the shit-show wound down I continued reading and even had time to suggest a few titles that intrigued me.

I noticed that despite suggesting about 30 new titles each month I tend to read only about twenty percent in the short term. Although, who knows what I might discover if I went back to 2011 or whenever I started making daily recommendations? But let’s not forget that my selections are for titles I hear or read about, not necessarily titles I have access to. Let’s face it, books cost money and I often have to make the difficult choice between a new book (digital) and calling Door Dash to get my sashimi delivered fresh.

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Goodbye 2020

I made two miscalculations last month. First, my reading schedule included too many fat books and I never did get around to slipping the really big one in, and second, I made the mistake of assuming Carlyle’s French Revolution would be a pleasant educational break from all that confusing fiction.

I forgot: It’s all fiction!

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Is This the End of Ricovid?

Where is Eddie Robinson when you need him? Yeah.

It’s been a long and difficult year; but it has been good for reading. I finished the year with over 300 titles on my list of books read and I even found a number of them well worth recommending. I also made daily suggestions for reading that have piqued my interest and, as I freely admit, I seldom get around to reading myself. After all, there’s only so many hours in the day and the Netflix monster gobbles up many of the choicest minutes.

But we now have several promising vaccines to counteract the virus and HBO Max is showing first-run movies to counteract the shutdown. Life is short but always remember, Clarissa is long. You’d better get to reading.

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