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Freedom Is Not a GMO

Dollar F;agWhile reading an excellent piece of fiction about America around the first world war, I was reminded of two things. The first is a realization that things never change: “… the war won’t ever be over … too damn profitable …” and the second is a sign that this country actually has changed: “Help the Food Administration By Reporting War Profiteers.” Nowadays we reward what back then was considered war profiteering. But in the end, isn’t it greed that fuels the American dream?

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How Capitalism Is Dismembering America

For the complete article please access Nation of Change.

How Capitalism Is Dismembering America

Paul Bucheit, Monday 22 April 2013

Some wealthy and uninformed individuals have referred to the lowest-income, 47 percent of Americans, as the “takers,” who enjoy government benefits at the expense of the high-earning one percent, but their claim is meaningless.

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We the people vs. the wealthy few

On Sunday 1 July Dave Johnson published an article in Nation of Change that I have included below. How obvious does it have to be so that Americans realize that the American Democracy is over and that most citizens are merely wage-slaves to the plutocrats and fascists?

It seems to me that Romney’s promise to “fix the economy” would not be in his own best interest and there’s one thing about Mitt, he will do is anything that is in his personal best interest. Sounds like a conflict on day one: I wonder who will win out, the rich and super-rich or the rest of us?

Here Is Why the Elites Are Not Fixing the Economy

The reason our leaders are not doing anything to fix the economy is because,  from the viewpoint of our real leaders, the economy is working just fine. 

When we had democracy, We, the People made the rules and we ran our country and our economy for our benefit. Now that we are a plutocracy things are different. The reason our elites are not doing anything to fix the economy is because from their viewpoint, things are just fine.


plu·toc·ra·cy noun \plü-ˈtä-krə-sē\

1: government by the wealthy
2: a controlling class of the wealthy

Our political leaders dance with the ones that bring them. Increasingly they are dancing with the billionaires and their giant corporations.

Our politicians are doing and saying increasingly incomprehensible things. The separation from regular people is unbelievable. But in politics you “dance with the one that brung ya,” and these things become comprehensible and believable when you look at who is bringing them to the dance.

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