2020: A Big Deal?

imagesOne would have thought that my initial reading list would reveal a glimmering pool of sublime literature but alas, when I look over it I see the same conglomeration of reading that I exhibited in 2019. Should 2020 really be something special, just because it inaugurates a new decade (does it?) and celebrates the final demise of Dishonest (Donald) John Drumpf and his pending banishment from the Leakin’ Lena?

For those that follow the obscure references of an old man, the DJ I am referring to is the puppet although in the case of Der Drumpf, either the cartoon or the puppet is highly accurate.

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Black Legion


Although I watched the 1937 movie titled Black Legion because it was a vehicle for the early acting career of Humphrey Bogart, it very much reminded me of the shenanigans of modern-day white supremacists such as D. J. (Dishonest John) Drumph. If you get a chance, listen closely to the anti-foreigner diatribe and the blaming of the woes of all upright (white) Americans on someone else … often referred to as The Other.

Although the Black Legion was an offshoot of the more well-known hate-group, the Klu Klux Klan (KKK which is easier for the members to spell), the real message all Americans should be hearing in the movie or real-life screed is that these white supremacists are out to vilify and destroy anyone who is not like them. Depending on the period of history, this has included such groups as Italians, Poles, Irish, Jews, Muslims, Africans, homosexuals, gypsies, and anyone born South of the Border from Mexico to Tierra del Fuego.

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