One More Month

zhivagoI intend to dedicate a month again to reading two or three of those big fat, often classical, novels that have been hovering off the edge of my reading lists for year after year. I had hoped, but July is still overloaded with detective novels, interesting entertainments, and unabashed fluff.

I do have one big novel from my Bucket-List: Doctor Zhivago. I was in college when one Saturday they bused a bunch of us down to one of the big Hollywood movie palaces to see David Lean’s interpretation of Doctor Zhivago. I disliked the film, complaining that the music was not integrated with the visual effect. Possibly because of this personal opinion left over from the 1960s, I have avoided reading Pasternak’s novel for over fifty years. I guess this is the month and, surprise, I’m finding it an easy, satisfying read, despite all the patronymics.

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