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The More Books I Dump, the More I Want To Read

images.jpgI’m still rummaging around the house tossing out the books I no longer can read or find room in my new digs to store and display them. But the real irony is that for every book I toss out or give away, there are at least three books I want to add to my future reading lists (digital versions, of course).

But even if I move all my books to my new place, I’m still going to miss my built-in shelves. Then again, having shelves that are deep enough for three banks of books has often left me without access to books I know I have but just cannot find. The again, I will miss the many hours spent every month or two rearranging the books and often discovering a real treasure hidden in the dark depths of black wood and indirect lighting.

I have been saving these daily reading suggestions in a simple database and often review them for ideas, books, or just to mark a title I actually read. Maybe someday I’ll publish the full list.

For now, here is the list of suggested reading from February 2016:

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Read Fast Before They’re Gone

images.jpgTime is running faster and faster. I have about six weeks to clean out my bookshelves, packing the books I intend to move and sending the rest off to various donation points: Goodwill, the Library, the Sun City Book Club, a few friends near and far. Even though this seems like a daunting task, it is made even worse by recalling that I also have to move ever other thing I want to keep, give away, or throw away.

I have been spending the last few days burning out my paper shredder (the office is coated with shards and other detritus). My goals as I work have been getting soft around the edges: I started examining every piece of paper and then carefully shredding those I didn’t want to keep; now I look at the first few documents and assume the rest are the same.

But life is not just work, work, work, and I will continue with some level of loyalty to my reading. Perhaps I’ll have to cut back the next two months or so but then I should be able to focus my attention in my new digs at chez-daughter’s new house.

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