I Was Still Thinking of Suggestions

images.jpgAs I have confessed, I spent about ten days away from my comfort zone in a small hotel room and was unable to keep up with the website for those lost days and nights. I did, however, go old-school, dip my fountain pen once or twice, and scribble down book titles I came across that intrigued me or seemed important.

So, even though the daily suggestions seemed to freeze for over a week, I still was making them: just not publishing them.

This means that a portion of the reading suggestions from February will first be seen in this post. Look it over; see anything that triggers your interest?

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Will February Bring Literary Goodness


The first month of the new year is over and despite my being a little older, a bit more decrepit, and my books still being stored in packing boxes waiting for the new room with the wonderful bookshelves, I was fortunate to read some rather good books.

Specifically I’d like to give a nod to these excellent titles:

  • Fat City by Leonard Gardener
  • A Separate Peace by John Knowles
  • Naphtalene by Alia Mamdouh
  • It Can’t Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis.

The reading pool for this month is a combination of several new and hopefully comendable titles, a few older titles that I so far have failed to read, and in this case, two authors represented by three or four works to allow for possible deeper study.

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