26 Corrupt Bankers Sentenced to 74 Years in Prison

images-2.jpgWe all remember the massive political and financial failures of the Bush Administration which were gradually resolved by the Obama Administration, but who remembers what punishments were handed out for the gross incompetence and criminal activities of the politicians and bankers who caused the crisis?


Oh yes, most of those who we now know are the most dangerous people in the United States—the individuals who, through greed and incompetence could easily destroy the American Experiment—were actually rewarded with an obscene influx of American taxpayer’s dollars to make their business positions solid again and they are still tossing their greed around in ways that threaten all our futures.

Which bankster went to prison for destructive and illegal activities?

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The Great Recession

Here is an interesting chart republished in Slate that shows the financial crisis in the United States in comparison to crises in other countries at other times.

The Great Recession In Comparative Context
By Matthew Yglesias

This seems to show that the recent crisis in the United States wasn’t really that bad and was under control fairly early. But as the article points out, compared to the crash of 1929 and FDR’s response, there isn’t any magic shown in the Obama recovery. I expect if the opposition party had been serious about improving the lives of all the American people, the recovery might have been rapid and reparative (of course, with the GOP focus on assuring that Obama failed, we’ll never know what might have happened for sure).

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The Predator Party

I don’t understand the antics of the GOP. It’s easily demonstrated and widely understood that giving tax breaks to the wealthy does not create jobs and even when it does, the government can actually do a better job of it.

But the GOP continues to clamor for more jobs, even if they have no legislation or planned legislation to create jobs. Instead they continue to bang the drums for tax cuts for the rich and the super-rich, and insist that the government is incapable of creating even one job. But reality shows both of these ideas  wrong and the GOP must be aware of it.

Of course the deciding factor in this debate is Greed.

Then I finally put the pieces together and clearly, the GOP wants the country to suffer and either way, they are doing a good job of it. First, no one else, like the President, can do anything to help the economic crisis and the lack of jobs in the country because the GOP kills any incentive, insisting that only tax breaks to the rich will have any effect. Yet if the GOP gets its way, it know that the tax cuts will not help the economy but will only make the rich richer.

So the economy is in shambles; the President is unable to do anything; the GOP panders to fear and loathing; and in the next election, the GOP will take over the enough of the government control that it will be able to change or repeal sufficient laws to assure their complete control of the country, both the government and the people:  classic Fascism.

This has happened before, many times and in many countries. They are smart to keep the military strong and to insist of patriotic loyalty. What I don’t understand is why the GOP continues to support the NRA and the right to bear arms?However, I suggest that when this support is dropped, we should head for the hills.