Bighorn and Stink Bugs

Is it a weakness: a desperate attempt to return to simpler times, the womb even; or is it a strength: a re-injection of the events and places which made me who I am today? Still, isn’t it interesting to realize that over 75 years of lifetime experience is typically represented by a handful of memories. Some good. Some you might want to forget.

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Answering the Question

images.jpgThe question was:

Would you save one 5-year-old child from a burning building, or save 1,000 embryos.

The honest answer, which reportedly has never been realized, demonstrates that so-called Right-To-Life advocates are not what they profess to be and can not in all honesty insist that others conform to their Right-To-Life demands.

But to me this question exposes a possibly more fundamental hypocrisy.

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Seaside Boardwalk Burns

SeasideIt wasn’t that long ago that we saw all the photos of the destruction caused when hurricane Sandy hit the Jersey Shore. Remember that roller coaster sitting in the ocean? Well, that was Seaside. Now there has been a terrible fire which has destroyed much of the boardwalk and the restaurants and concession that have brought beaucoup d’entertainment to Jersey Shore visitors for years. Remember, Seaside served visitors from much of the interior of this country and was as much a draw for out-of-towners as it was for locals looking for the raw clam bar and bungee drop to entertain them on a Saturday night.

I’m not sure I totally understand the extent of the fire because too often I have heard Seaside Heights and Seaside Park mixed up but I am getting a slightly better idea of what happened and it is of Biblical proportions (and that is not a Chris Christie reference).

An earlier post concerning the Jersey Shore after being ravaged by Sandy is good to bring the earlier devastation into focus.

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