When imaginative humor is both funny and sad

I live in South Carolina (and was born in North Carolina), but as usual, The Onion has translated an observation of the absurdity of this state into an equally absurd fiction about this state:  they’re both funny and sad at the same time.

South Carolina Defends Right To Fly Hardee’s Flag From State Capitol
NEWS • News • ISSUE 49•14 • Apr 1, 2013

COLUMBIA, SC—Faced with mounting pressure from critics who say it sends the wrong message about the state, residents of South Carolina have mounted a vociferous defense of their right to fly the Hardee’s flag from the top of their capitol building, reports confirmed Thursday.

According to many South Carolinians, the flag, which prominently features a single smiling star and the phrase “Hardee’s Charbroiled Thickburgers,” signifies an important part of their cultural legacy, and many have expressed anger over demands that legislators remove it from public display.

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It’s Clear to Me

YouTube is like the great Labyrinth on Crete, you enter with optimism but it doesn’t take long and you are in danger of never escaping. Today I followed a link to a link to a link to dozens of George W. Bush videos on YouTube and I have only one thing to say:  what an embarrassing jerk.

But that is not why I originally went to YouTube and I offer this entertaining video to make a subtle point: