ISIS (Fox) News

It’s unfortunately so true that the “main-stream” media is too busy entertaining their viewers with cute puppies and hot models to report on serious world affairs in any depth, if at all. But when Fox News repeatedly does the bidding of terrorist groups such as ISIS, one might begin to see Fox News as the propaganda outlet in America for world-wide terrorists.

Thank you Rupert Murdoch.


ObamaWay back in early 2012 there was a powerful article at The Daily Kos by MinistryOfTruth in the form of An open letter to the people who hate Obama more than they love America. I have posted a few excerpts below but I highly recommend reading the piece in its entirety. It’s still available online at the The Daily Kos.

Something to think about: this article was written two and a half years ago: how have things changed? Is the open vendetta against Barack Obama improving life in this country or are a small group of plutocrats pulling the strings to undermine the government and increase their own wealth and power?

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