More from the Fringe

Wing NutTake a look at yet another post that reveals the erratic thinking, or lack of it, coming from the fringe elements of certain political groups. But don’t just chuckle: these are the kinds of things that are being turned into laws in many Republican run states like North Carolina without regard for what the citizens of the state support or even will tolerate. Remember, fascism is alive and well in the United States.

From The Daily Beast: [the original article contains valuable links to further information]

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Is this man a Muslim?

Grover Norquist Is a Secret Muslim


How do you spot a Muslim? A beard is usually a good tip off. That’s how Cathie Adams, former chairman of the Texas Republican Party and current president of the Texas arm of the conservative interest group Eagle Forum, unmasked Grover Norquist. Adams explained at a Tea Party event this week that the anti-tax lobbyist is part of a “stealth jihad” being carried out in the U.S. “As you see, he has a beard. He’s married [to] a Muslim woman,” she said. “But he denies that he has converted himself. He denies that.” Norquist isn’t the only prominent figure involved in this secret jihad. Adams suggested clean-shaven CIA Director John Brennan could very well be an undercover Muslim as well. “Where is the outcry?” she demanded. “Thank God that Ted Cruz is now in the United States Senate!”

Interesting. I always suspected Michelle Bachmann was a beard; does that make her Muslim too, maybe even another member of the “stealth jihad”? Read other examples of thinking from the fringe at The Daily Beast.