Bodily Functions

I’m confused. If referencing or even looking in on those bodily functions that are considered “dirty”—those that have no special characteristics suggesting humans are anything other than just another animal—then it stands to reason that actually taking part in any of those activities involving those same bodily functions must be an even higher form of sin. After all, if you are expected to confess that you looked at a naked woman, then being a naked woman must be doubly bad. If saying “shit” is naughty, think how evil taking a shit must be!

If clothing is the Gardol protective shield for morality, then a simple blue smock is more powerful than a stone wall. But why are women’s traditional clothes—dresses—designed so that they can be flipped up at the convenience of the man? Is morality actually a god thing or does it more reflect man’s insistence on controlling women and assuring a traceable bloodline to perpetuate the family greed and not spread the bounty around the hoi poloi of the kingdom?