Classic Works of Gay Literature

GinsbergIn August of 2010 Proposition 8 in California was struck down by the U. S. District Court. Prop 8 was the ruling that banned gay marriage in California. The issue was subsequently appealed further and ultimately the United States Supreme Court ruled that Prop 8 was indeed unconstitutional, upholding the District Court ruling.

We often read literature to visit unreachable places or to observe the daily life of complete (in fact, fictional) strangers. You don’t have to be gay to explore gay literature. Any books that can open our eyes and, as Kafka says, “wound and stab us'” helps to increase our understanding of humanity, and isn’t that a big reason why we read?

In recognition of Prop 8 being struck down, the Los Angeles Times published a quick list of gay literature in it’s Book Section. Here are the twenty classic works of gay literature. How many have you read? Don’t forget to add the other titles to your reading list:

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Searching For Homosexual Activities in Blount County

What do you make of this?

I don’t know anything about this self-styled reporter for the Redneck News down in Alabama but I like to think that this is a brilliant satire which punctures the argument that Gay Marriage would mean the end of morality in Alabama. Nothing seems to have changed in Blount County according to Jeremy Addaway, although the suggestion that the squirrels are acting funny might warrant further investigation.