What Do Breasts and the Colorado Wildfires Have In Common?

God caused the Colorado wildfires because women wear pants, have breasts

It’s hard to believe but it must be true since it was on the radio and spoken by a man who also knows that God is real. There is a good summary of some of this nonsense in The Daily Kos and I invite you to read the original article by Hunter. However, just to spice up this post, let me include a quotation from someone who should know better:

If you really want to understand why God is a-smitin’ Colorado with wildfires, though, you will be happy to know that in the end it all comes down to women and their breasts. Oh, it always does. Here, therefore, is quite possibly the best extended breast-related monologue in conservative nutcase history, care of Pastor Kevin and a long, boob-filled flight from Australia. We call this sketch Breasts on a Plane:

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