Stop Praying To Our iPhones

iPhoneDisclaimer: I do not own an iPhone. In fact, I waste a great deal of money on the digital phone I do have (phone, camera, that’s it) because my current calling plan is the minimum discounted plan (I worked for the company) giving me 450 minutes each month … I use 2. But my daughter says she is tired of not being able to text me or share photos instantly and all the other social activities a smart phone allows so I have agreed to be added to her family plan and get an iPhone (which my neighbor laughingly says is not a phone but a pocket computer). This plan will make my daughter happier and actually make my monthly bill go away: it’s a good deal. Now I can only suggest that I will use the iPhone for periodic communication but otherwise, at least it replaces my old, old iPod Touch (and my loyal Flip Phone).

But the topic is not my own limited use of a future device but rather the suggestion made by W. Andrew Ewell in Salon that:

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GOP Phishing

GOPI read somewhere that the phrase “crooked GOP’ is redundant and just referencing the term “GOP” is sufficient to indicate sleazy, illegal tactics. I therefore pass this on as a public service to unsuspecting political donors that might fall for a wealthy Nigerian businessman or a GOP campaigner out to steal their money.

Just when you think the Republican Party couldn’t get any more sleazy something like this comes along.

Republican Party wing creates 18 fake websites for Democrats

By Daniel Rothberg at The Daily Kos

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Is there a link?

Dublinesque“Celia is going to work, but first she drops a hint by means of a terrifying piece of information. Sensing that it won’t be long before her dear autistic husband goes and sits in front of the computer, she tells him that people who regularly use Google gradually lose the ability to read literary works with any kind of depth, which serves to demonstrate how digital knowledge can be linked to the recent stupidity in the world.”

Excerpt From: Enrique Vila-Matas. Dublinesque.