Fill In the Blank: School _________

I grew up in the 50s. Born just after the war: an early baby boomer. Life was very different then. First, we didn’t have a television. Rather than dull my brains with laugh tracks and insipid three-camera comedies, I would sprawl on the floor with my friendly frog pillow and sharpen my senses by recreating entire worlds from a few words of dialogue and easily identifiable sounds of the foley operator. Can you spell Schenectady?

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Right To Life After Birth

Four HorsemenI fully believe that a woman has sovereignty over her own body and that a gang of old white men should keep their meddling misconceptions out of a woman’s way. But I wonder if this is the most efficacious dialogue we can have to support such controversial subjects as birth control or abortion?

We do hear some progressives recognizing that the typical right-to-life advocate is only concerned with promoting life up until birth. After a baby is born it drops off the conservative radar and can undergo any and all pain and suffering, including death, without the right-to-lifers even giving notice.

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Your Dead Kids Don’t Trump My Constitutional Rights

The killing rampage in Santa Barbara this last week has been adequately, if not overly, covered by all the major news services from print to television and maybe even a newsreel preceding the latest cartoon-superhero-remake-extravaganza playing down at the multiplex. Since I tend to listen to the radio each morning while performing my chores, I have heard responses from the denizens of this country (we must have a lot of rocks around for them to crawl out from under) that touch on all aspects of the tragedy … but most are knee-jerk defenses of the American right to own handguns and other forms of man-killing fires-sticks.

But two quotations stick out in my mind and I’d like to document them here.

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