Where’s Matt Dillon When You Need Him?

Did you notice this little news article? What happened to those brutal times of yesteryear when the local Marshal didn’t allow the cowboys to take their guns to town? Now 150 years later any ne’er-do-well can drop into the Western Trails (or Long Branch if you are more familiar with the television) with a chip on his shoulder and a 9mm Glock on his hip scratching his back with an AR-15.

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Guns Do Kill People

Father Accidentally Shoots, Kills 7-Year-Old Son Outside Gun Store

pistolHow about that for a headline. But it is unclear to me whether the father actually fired the gun causing the bullet to be launched through his son’s chest, killing the boy even though he was in a child-seat for safety.

Looking at the report from AP at the Washington Post, it sounds like the gun discharged while being set down. Is this in fact evidence that disproves the NRA’s oft repeated mantra, “Guns don’t kill, people do.”  It seems to me that there are many Americans who deny the scientific evidence of Evolution citing far less evidence than we have here suggesting that guns do in fact kill people.

Unfortunately, the full story of a father trying to get money for his family by selling two of his guns is doubly sad and I truly feel for the father in his grief. However, it’s those damned guns again. Maybe when this country finally begins to mature and stops insisting on playing Cowboys & Aliens we will begin to see how absurd guns are in a modern civilization.

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