Should Government Control Menfolk’s Sexytimes?

Hunter from the Daily Kos focuses on some puzzling insights. I’ll reblog his concerns but your should be reading the complete stories at The Daily Kos.

It’s odd how managing the menfolk’s sexytimes never turns into a movement

Testimony to Issa's oversight committee: women having sex makes us sad.

Testimony to Issa’s oversight committee: women having sex makes us sad.


You never seem to hear the conservative all-our-religion-is-belong-to-you outrage machine on this stuff.

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The Highly Educated Working Poor

This has been brought up before but today there is a direct exposure from Jim Hightower published in Truthout:

The Highly Educated Working Poor: Adjunct Professors

CollegeThere’s a growing army of the working poor in our U.S. of A., and big contingents of it are now on the march. They’re strategizing, organizing and mobilizing against the immoral economics of inequality being hung around America’s neck by the likes of Wal-Mart, McDonald’s and colleges.

Wait a minute. Colleges? That can’t be. After all, we’re told to go there to go to college to get ahead in life. More education makes you better off, right? Well, ask a college professor about that — you know, the ones who earned PhDs and are now teaching America’s next generation.

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