This isn’t Alphaville …

ZerovilleDo you love movies? Is your DVD copy of Lady From Shanghai at the front of your movie collection? Do you use Adam Sandler movies for coasters to protect your eclectic furniture from the annoying rings left by a vodka tonic? Do you have a scene from A Place In the Sun tattooed on your shaved head? Did your father look like Montgomery Clift? Before or after the automobile accident?

If you answered yes to any two of these questions, then you must read Steve Erickson’s novel, Zeroville (even if you scored a zero you should still read it).

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The Myth of Wyatt Earp

Wyatt EarpWyatt Earp is one of America’s most famous vigilantes who delivered justice the American way—except it’s all a lie. Biographer Andrew Isenberg on how Earp built this myth and its dangerous echoes through American history. — The Daily Beast

Eighty-five years ago in Los Angeles, the western lawman Wyatt Earp, who participated in an infamous gunfight in Tombstone, Arizona, in 1881, met with an aspiring screenwriter, Stuart Lake, and began to dictate his memoirs.  Four years later, Lake sold the screen rights to Earp’s story to Fox, and the first of what would be dozens of Earp films went into production. …

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Shoot ’em ups

I am totally against any form of censorship—even the right-wing gun nuts need to be heard (how else can they dig their hole deeper?)—but I have to note that there is a glorification of violence and mayhem in the movies and video games. Does that cause real violence? Most studies show that it not only doesn’t cause violence but that it is a cathartic experience that can actually result in a decrease in violence.

I’m too dumb to know the right answer here but still, there’s a lot of violence in the movies.