More Praying, More Learning … Really?

Home SchoolI have expressed my concerns for home schooling earlier on this site (see). In that treatment I was concerned about the reasons for home schooling, which often revolved around religious practices, and the lack of what I feel is the most important skill learned in grammar school: socialization. My post was triggered by the news of the death of an abused child that was being home schooled; the sadistic parents were able to conceal the abuse which would probably been noticed by the school administration if only the child want to school.

Of course I heard many responses about how that was an isolated aberration and how home schooling was far superior to public education. I saw lots of evidence that this was true and casually wondered why it seemed so.

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Indoctrination 101

I often debate with myself (and others) about the place of education in this country. I include myself on both sides of this debate because I see myself as being inconsistent. Here are a few of the things I have expressed in the past on this subject:

  • In High School you try to get anything out of a student, no matter how appalling it is.
  • Until a student graduates High School, his (or her) mind is mush.
  • College is where you learn to think for yourself no matter what the subject.
  • Liberal Arts majors have an advantage in life.
  • Dedicated majors such as computer science, accounting, and oceanography, may lead to a satisfying occupations or they my lead to limited opportunities for employment.
  • Not everyone needs a general education and more emphasis should be placed on Vocational and Trade Schools.
  • The American school system was developed to assure adequate numbers of workers capable of working hard, taking direction, adapting to change, and making lots and lots of money for the owners of the companies (corporations).
  • Public school is designed to control the education of young people and assure that they only know enough about approved subjects that they can survive without having to think for themselves.
  • The primary reason for American education is to assure the continuance of the American myth.
  • American Exceptionalism is wide-spread because that is what is emphasized in our education system.
  • College tuition is too damn high!
  • The school or college should not be a profit center.
  • Ronald Reagan destroyed the excellence of the University of California.

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Easing the pressure, periodically

I starting jotting down my thoughts when they spurted in the channels of my little gray cells. These are some of the politically oriented entries from my tattered old theme book that seemed to be recent enough as to pass the freshness test:

Repeal Citizens United:  Corporations are not people and money is not speech.

Republican Party:  Is it possible that the infighting between the sorry Republican candidates for President might alienate so many people that the Party may implode?

Trans-vaginal probe:  Virginia backed down when faced with spontaneous backlash (and legal definition of rape) but still made pre-abortion tests a requirement.

The Republican Party:  I read that the Republican’s have nothing left but fear, hatred and lying.

Republican Accomplishments:  Sad but when a list of government accomplishments, advances in the wealth and quality of life of all Americans, there was a slight imbalance with the Republicans scoring zero.

Republican Victory:  Can the Republican Party successfully run a presidential campaign against a fictional character and win?

Home Schooling:  Parents are quick to announce the success of their efforts but do the failures ever get recognized?

Entitlements:  Why do the Republicans rant about entitlements like Social Security creating a budget crisis when we pay for these up front and they are not a part of the budget or the debt?

Democrats vs. Republicans:  A recent study suggests Democrats are more concerned for caring and fairness but the Republicans much less so.

Our future:  Democrats want to make the country better; Republicans want to make the rich richer. Republicans want you to fear Democrats; Democrats want Republicans to tell the truth once in awhile.

No Candidates in 2040:  The Onion points out that because of embarrassing entries on Facebook, there will be no candidates qualified to run for political office by the year 2040

I feel better now even if nothing changed.