Time to Shelve the Ten Commandments

Just yesterday I got in an argument with a neighbor who insisted that the only laws we really need are enumerated in the Ten Commandments. Being somewhat versed in this artifact of primitive culture, I foolishly pointed out that the first four items simply emphasized the need to adhere to a jealous god. And then, in the best Abbott and Costello fashion, my neighbor said, “Of course.” Damn! Here I was a highly educated critical thinker trying to convince a neighbor here in South Carolina than there were many problems with her understanding of her religion.

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Public Enemy Number One?

militarizationThe militarization of the United States is one of the open sores bleeding our democracy. Add to that our proliferation of guns and violence, our demonstrated ability to bomb and destroy, and a significant portion of the population which lives in a bubble denying reality, and what do you expect when you hear that the United States is considered by most developed and undeveloped countries as the Disneyland of mass destruction and the most dangerous threat to the continued existence of human life on this planet.

A side observation suggests that America is in decline and will soon (if not already) be reduced and eclipsed by other nations, like China. Although this might actually be a good thing for the safety of the planet, I’m not so sure that the wing-nuts running around in positions of responsibility will not use their hurt feelings to start throwing excrement down from the trees. The threat to the American Empire just might be the impetus leading to the annihilation of civilization.

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