And the Rains Came

RainI live in South Carolina—the Low Country—but just across the river from Georgia so the last several rainy days were gloomy but at best (worst?) we thoroughly watered the grasses, making walking the dogs a squishy experience. Other parts of the state were not so lucky and although the rain is apparently over, the waters are still rising.

Two interesting things came out of this millennial flood: the small government conservatives were johnny-on-the-spot holding out their hands for Federal disaster assistance and the religious right insisted the floods were clear evidence that God was not pleased with our treatment of Israel. Oh, no one on the conservative side of the aisle even whispered any suggestion that climate change might have played a part in the disaster.

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This was just a warning

We all know that most disasters, especially hurricanes, are the direct result of an open attitude about gay people in this country and a misguided assumption that a homosexual has the same rights as a straight person. Can you imagine such delusional thinking in the Land of the Free? But I find it refreshing that the recent storm which destroyed a good portion of the Jersey Shore and left much of Lower Manhattan and the Outer Boroughs (especially Staten Island) a mess, was not being blamed on the usual suspects.

I ran across this little admission and it suggests a different direction is being taken by our local deity:

God sent Hurricane Sandy to smite the New York Financial District because Jamie Dimon and his close friends on Wall Street were not incarcerated at a maximum security prison just up the Hudson River. This was just a warning.

I suspect this came out of the OWS movement but if it becomes the rallying cry of religious fundamentalists across the country, the Republican Party may as well commit ritual Seppuku (and I can suggest a couple of Democrats that should join them).

There is a cruel but important lesson to be learned in this presidential election.

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Seaside Heights

Eight years ago, disabled and tired of snow, my wife and I moved down here to South Carolina. It took almost six years to sell the house in New Jersey (thank you Mr. Bush) but eventually a young buyer got his first house under the Federal rebate program at that time (thank you Mr. Obama). Tonight I wonder if that house is still there?

Actually, although the house was on the water, it was on the mainland side of the bay and a ways up a small river. The larger rivers (and inlets) were to the north and to the south so there is a chance the house escaped. I’m not too sure about the boats in the area:  high tides and high winds would bring most boats right up on the land and possibly crashing into houses and cars. I only have one bit of news from the area and it only involves friends being without electricity at least until the weekend, but they are safe and their house is fine.

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