26 Corrupt Bankers Sentenced to 74 Years in Prison

images-2.jpgWe all remember the massive political and financial failures of the Bush Administration which were gradually resolved by the Obama Administration, but who remembers what punishments were handed out for the gross incompetence and criminal activities of the politicians and bankers who caused the crisis?


Oh yes, most of those who we now know are the most dangerous people in the United States—the individuals who, through greed and incompetence could easily destroy the American Experiment—were actually rewarded with an obscene influx of American taxpayer’s dollars to make their business positions solid again and they are still tossing their greed around in ways that threaten all our futures.

Which bankster went to prison for destructive and illegal activities?

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Language Jingoism

VerneIt’s a tired old observation I often make to the unthinking princes (and princesses) of literature, especially those Americans who judge all literature outside of America and England as being somehow inferior and easily dismissed.

Now I run across a passage in The Sixth Extinction (Elizabeth Kolbert) that makes me question the author’s credentials (for writing, not for extinctions). She has been discussing the animals that have gone extinct in recent years and when focusing on the Great Auk, she recounts a visit to the last known home  of the Auks, a small island off Iceland:

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The Blue Fox

Blue FoxIf you visited San Francisco in the sixties you might have dined at The Blue Fox. It was a real treat and quite expensive for the time. You might have even had a T-sirt that announced, “Eat At the Blue Fox,” with naughty implications. But the short novel by the Icelandic author Sjón titled The Blue Fox has nothing to do with San Francisco,  fine dining, or T-shirts.

The novel takes place in an earlier time when one hunted with a muzzle-loader that required tedious re-loading after each shot and when less-than-acceptable children were seldom allowed to live. Times were tough … and very cold.

Sjón introduces a hunter, a clergyman, Down’s Syndrome, icy exposure, avalanches, and a rare blue fox. Add to this the fascinating landscape of Iceland and a surrealistic sense of fable, and The Blue Fox becomes a must-read novel. At the same time I picked up The Blue Fox I also obtained copies of Sjón’s two other recently published translations (by Victoria Cribb), From the Mouth of the Whale and The Whispering Muse. There’s some good reading coming my way.

Did I mention Jim Krusoe?

Jim KrusoeJim Krusoe is a lesser known author that has a short list of novels that are fun, interesting, a little tweaked, but ultimately dealing with the episodes and difficulties we all have in life. I like to read Krusoe and I’ll wager you would too.

Krusoe teaches in Los Angeles and looks as if he has had his share of life’s experiences. His bibliography is short but worth looking up, especially in the library since his novels are quickly read. His last four novels have been published by Tin House Press (see).

  • Blood Lake and Other Stories
  • Iceland
  • Girl Factory
  • Erased
  • Toward You
  • Parsifal

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