Why I Seem To Ignore the Drumpster Fire

images.jpgBelieve me, I don’t miss the tiniest act of ignorance and corruption this orange buffoon tries to perpetrate on the American people and against the respected freedoms its democratic government once held sacred. It is this administration that openly advances the destruction of the Constitution of the United States in exchange for saying Merry Christmas and restoring unnecessary coal jobs.

The collusion with Russia is pretty much a given and I expect the the Drumpster will emerge from his abortive presidency with his empire of corruption in shambles and a good many of his supporters, colleagues, and family disgraced or possibly even in prison.

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The New Dark Ages

I just noticed that my last two posts discuss events in the world that are going in different directions. Science is beginning to explain all the fears and misunderstandings developed by our ancestors and ascribed to “gods” and in the United States there is a dedicated movement back to a world that was ignorant of what it’s all about and cannot tell the difference between fiction and reality. As I grew up I saw in just about every case that historical development was from ignorance to understanding, from primitive to sophistication, from myth to reality. Now I see a clear example of one major country in this world that has turned around and purposely headed in the other direction:  from understanding to ignorance, from sophistication to primitive, from reality to myth. As the rest of the world moves forward, is it possible that the United States of America will continue to exist or will American build that wall closing all of the country’s borders and just steep in their own version of the Dark Ages?

Before it goes under, maybe the plutocrats can get a good price for this country, scamper off to their favorite off-shore havens, and declare themselves princes or even kings. The model for our future may be found in our image of the arab countries … fabulously wealthy rulers and ignorant impoverished goat-hearders.

America should look in the mirror … closely.