Privacy Is Following Chivalry To the Grave

ChivalryA very interesting article in the Washington Post suggests that, like chivalry before it, privacy is soon to be an outdated notion. In fact, just as chivalry created a restrictive, unequal society, too great an insistence on privacy is restrictive to growth and innovation.

The article is titled:

Privacy is following chivalry to the grave. Here’s why that’s a good thing.
By Dominic Basulto

In the digital era, it’s not only government agencies and Silicon Valley companies spying on us or attempting to monetize our data — it’s our smart TVs and our futuristic cars. And, once the Internet of Things gets fully connected, you can finally say goodbye to privacy, as just about any device will have the ability to eavesdrop on our conversations and report data in real-time. Privacy, once a right, is now not even a social norm.

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Free Live Models and Zombie Strippers

Jenna movieI read in The Daily Beast that Jenna Jameson broke her solemn vow made on the eyes of her young children that she would never again engage in pornography for profit: she would never again spread her legs for a buck.

Sadly (really) Jenna has fallen on hard times and has returned to titilate and frustrate real men by showing off her body and her skills as an internet cam model, trading film and video tape for a much more immediate internet experience. Is it pornography? That’s debatable but if it in fact puts food on the table for her children and keeps the purchase of shocking-pink dildos to a minimum, then who am I to question her?

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Digital Language Death

languageYou could have knocked me over with a weak cliché:  do you know that every two weeks or so the world experiences the demise of yet another active language. How many hundreds of years did people speak and write that fading language and now it is only available in books. If people stop using their traditional language, can we still call it a language? I guess so: look at Nahuatl and, of course, Latin which isn’t even used in the high church any more.

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