Not Again!

Unfortunately I have spent the better part of this last week in the hospital. I think the emergency was fear that my water retention and circulation problems signaled a heart problem that needed to be addressed. It was probably a good thing to peek and poke around my body, discovering all sorts of disappointments. However, despite all the medical jargon, I’m just steadily declining due to onset old age.

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Adventures In Two Rooms

Having grown up in the 1950s and ’60s I often am amazed at all the parts of everyday life that we didn’t even imagine when I was a wee bairn.

First, we didn’t say “Under God” when we pledged allegiance to the flag (it took me most of the year to remember where that phrase was supposed to be inserted into the pledge) and there were no West Coast baseball teams. Speaking of baseball, we listened to the games on the radio (there was no television in our house) and since the World Series was restricted to day games more than a few guys had small crystal radios with an earplug to keep up with the score during penmanship exercises. No batteries required!

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The Knight Is In His Castle

It’s been a crazy few weeks. The construction on my new rooms at my daughter’s house forced me to relocate with my dogs. Luckily there was a place offering small suites with kitchenette and dog privileges so I moved in there for about ten days. Although I had internet access and plenty of digital texts on my iPhone and iPad, I had limited tools to keep up on most of my online life, including this website.


I, unfortunately, never accomplished the dream of reading dozens of books while sequestered in that lonely, quite room. I tried watching television and quasi-enjoyed two movies but for the most part the television was turned off and I continued listening to old-time radio mysteries on my iPhone.

I did read some—finished two novels—but mostly just stared at the screen with Sam Spade solving crimes in the background.

I moped.

Now I’m back to my daughter’s house and for the most part all the loud and messy construction is done. We started unloading boxes and populating the bookshelves in the new office and I now sit at my new built-in desk making this entry for the website on my big computer while Mahler is playing on the Alexa and a very interesting novel (I Hate Martin Amis, et al by Peter Barry) is glowing back at me from my iPad. My jug of Lucky Goat cold-brewed coffee is within easy reach, the puppies are curled up in their small beds on the floor, the sun is shining, and despite my getting older every day, it all feels good.


Unfortunately. the combination of a short month, ten days in purgatory, and old-age failing eyesight is leaving me with a monthly unread list that contains too many fun and interesting titles to pass up. Last night I decided it would be best if I simply rolled over the majority of this month’s reading pool into March. I’m also intending to cut the size of the pool to twenty titles: after all, I seldom read more that eight nowadays and I can always add unscheduled reading if I’m intrigued by an unannounced novel with a juicy title and plenty of bodily fluids (you know, something by Henry James or perhaps Thomas Mann).

But rest assured, I’ve sharpened my magnifying glass, scanned Calibre for hidden gems, and am charging forward with an aggressive reading program … right after I finish this friendly green smoothie my daughter just dropped off for my lunch.