Bombs Away!

bombsI have been reading that the war hawks are being fueled for take-off, ready to bomb Syria or Iraq or Iran or someplace else that will look good on television and has a lot of oil (if lacking in oil, there are some preternaturally oily American companies that will gladly make their obscene profits providing substandard food and supplies to innocent troops who blindly assume the real enemy is the guys on the other side).

It is well that we remember this pathetic truth: the enemy on the other side just wants you to butt out of their conflict and will kill you if you don’t leave, whereas the American corporation will not kill you until you have contributed the time and effort required to make them an unconscionable profit … and then they could care less if you live or die.

Do you remember this photo:

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Checks and Balances

A television spot I saw yesterday summed up the general polls in this country by saying,

Americans don’t want to go to war and want to raise the taxes on the rich.

What are we hearing from the Republican, conservative, neo-cons that are vying for power?

Prepare for war with Iran and under no circumstances raise the taxes of the rich and super-rich.

Why is it that these people are even listened to, let alone voted for? I know, they create a false reality, foment fear and distrust, manipulate or buy the elections, and prevaricate to the max. Don’t blame them:  they have to:  they are Republicans.

Furthermore they are an aging plutocracy of selfish white men, for the most part, that is not going to survive the quiet take-over of this country by women, gays, Latins, blacks, Asians, and youth. But beware:  a dying beast can lash out and do a lot of damage.

Bill Maher admitted that he had tweeted something pointing out the open-admission by the Republicans in congress that they would do nothing until after the election since they didn’t want to take a chance on making a mistake that might help Obama. Maher, although he later suggested it might be too strong a word, called this action (or non-action) treason. Let’s see, if a person or body of people openly do things (or not do necessary things) that will harm the government and the people of the United States of America, is that treasonous?

Probably, but the Republicans have done that for years. If this government was operated as a business (listen-in Mitt) then most of the congress would be looking for work instead of looking for corporate handouts. If we truly have a system of checks and balances, then I don’t see why the Executive Branch doesn’t step up to rap the knuckles of the rogue Supreme Court and make the do-nothing congress go stand in the corner while the real members of the Legislative Branch work to get things done and to better life in this country for all Americans, not just the one-percent.

Ken Advocates Nuking Tehran

We have finally uncovered a sound and imperative reason to bomb Iran:  how dare they outlaw the quintessential symbol of Western Civilization, the Barbie Doll!

Back in the 1960s my younger sister got one of the original Barbie dolls, complete with the black and white striped one-piece bathing suit. My family could come up with the $3 for the doll but as far as all those fashion clothes that kept coming out, they had to wait until my mother or my aunt sewed a reasonable facsimile (although since mother was highly skilled with the crochet hook, Barbies in our house tended to wear bulky clothes that probably were better suited for Minneapolis than for San Diego).

Of course since I was the first-born male in the family all I remember was BOOBS!

Over the years the attitude toward Barbie dolls has changed. First it was a sign that a young girl was growing up and no longer content to play with Betsy Wetsy:  she’s old enough for a fashion doll now. Then it became one of the great toys to suck the savings from parents that couldn’t say “No” to their kids (or worse, relived their own childhood through their kids). At some time Barbie Doll, once a desirable appellation, became a derogatory term alongside Mickey Mouse and Skeezix. Every strip club across America had a blonde performer going under the name “Barbie Doll.”

This negative attitude to the look of the Barbie doll soon turned ugly and professionals preying on little girls with esteem problems single out the overly-endowed Barbie as the cause of much of the unhappiness and angst. Then on the other side of the sex-fence, all us guys that remembered Barbie’s assets were disappointed whenever confronted by real girls. We wanted BOOBS!

One anomaly, however, was the lack of any detail between Barbie’s legs. This didn’t bother us too much back then since all the men’s magazines, like Playboy, didn’t show anything between a woman’s legs either so we were relatively uninformed until we got our driver’s licenses and began frequenting the Drive-Ins.

How can a mere toy which made thousands if not millions of young girls happy also be the cause of so much unhappiness and confusion? Now that I think about it, maybe those folks in Iran have a good point. I do, however, consider it unnecessary to stone a six-year old girl to death for playing with a Barbie doll. Maybe the Iranian police can glue a traditional burqa on any Barbie doll they find, a burqa with extra material to hide those BOOBS!