Ishmael Reed

Ishmael ReedI posted an article about Ismael Reed but I didn’t really say much about the author and his works. I have read a good number of Reed’s novels and can recommend them all. Some are better than others but all of them put a little kink in your mind and leave you with a little mental limp that may takes weeks or even years to think through and straighten out.

Here is the bibliography for Ishmael Reed from Wikipedia:

      • The Free-Lance Pallbearers (1967)
      • Yellow Back Radio Broke-Down (1969)
      • Mumbo Jumbo (1972)
      • The Last Days of Louisiana Red (1974)
      • Flight to Canada (1976)
      • The Terrible Twos (1982)
      • Reckless Eyeballing (1986)
      • The Terrible Threes (1989)
      • Japanese By Spring (1993)
      • Juice! (2011)

I see I have a few titles to read.

I was first introduced to Reed by a recommended reading list that included Yellow Back Radio Broke Down. I didn’t actually read this selection first, however, since I was at the mercy of the local library. So I read Mumbo Jumbo first and later when I had read several other titles (including  Yellow Back Radio) I still considered Mumbo Jumbo my favorite. I even went so far as to do a little research into Voodoo (HooDoo) which I recommend if you want to better understand Reed and his novels.

For a quick an informative biography of Ishmael Reed look into Biography online.

The Idol Smasher

I brought up this author just the other day as a possible writer I found humorous and like earlier authors such as Swift and Twain, presented a biting satire beneath the absurdity and humor of his fiction. This morning I was checking my email and found a wonderful article on Ismael Reed by Chris Hedges on TruthDig called, The Idol Smasher. It deserves to be read and absorbed, but for a start …

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