And the Rains Came

RainI live in South Carolina—the Low Country—but just across the river from Georgia so the last several rainy days were gloomy but at best (worst?) we thoroughly watered the grasses, making walking the dogs a squishy experience. Other parts of the state were not so lucky and although the rain is apparently over, the waters are still rising.

Two interesting things came out of this millennial flood: the small government conservatives were johnny-on-the-spot holding out their hands for Federal disaster assistance and the religious right insisted the floods were clear evidence that God was not pleased with our treatment of Israel. Oh, no one on the conservative side of the aisle even whispered any suggestion that climate change might have played a part in the disaster.

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Analogies In the News

GazaI’m not prepared to declare my support for any of the often deadly factions seeking to make changes to the lives of the peoples living in what used to be called the Near East, but a terribly unbalanced conflict is killing innocent people in Gaza and it must be stopped. I like Bill Maher and wouldn’t miss his Friday night broadcast (unless John Oliver was on opposite him); still, not everything Maher says is finest-kind.

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No end in sight

MahfouzEgypt and the Arab world have recently had their dreams of dominance in the Middle East burst by a swift Israeli victory in the 1967 war. But the revolution is still the driving force behind the young people of the country. Naguib Mahfouz follows a representative group of young revolutionaries who congregate at the Karnak Café and discuss the politics of their country. We read of the events of their lives, whether love affairs or imprisonment and torture. After their stories are all told and the remaining young revolutionaries meet in the Café, they have one final look to the future.

Remember that in this country we are told that there is a solid Arab or Moslem jihad against the United States: every man, woman, child, dog, or goat in the arab lands is full of hatred for Americans and will stop at nothing to kill Americans and destroy the United States. True, it’s the later part of the sixties but wasn’t the anti-Israeli and anti-American sentiment even greater then? But this is what Mahfouz writes:

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