January 2014: Suggested Reading

CarterBeing a compulsive list maker I keep these lists of suggestions at hand when I make up my own reading pool. As usual, since I haven’t read many of these suggested titles, I can’t really guarantee they will be just what you’re looking for. Still, the titles I highlighted during January will hopefully give you some suggestion for reading. I have marked those I have read in blue so I might be able to make further comments if you are interested in reading one of those books yourself.

I’ve noticed I tend to suggest novels but there is far more to look into reading than just novels. I was educated mostly in poetry and drama with very little exposure to novels. I’ll have to start throwing in more variety: novels, poetry, dramas, epics, memoirs, maybe even more non-fiction.

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Reading Pool for January 2014

Today is the last day of 2013 and another year of reading has slipped away. Unfortunately, the years remaining and the volumes of books just don’t seem to equate so I have to pick and chose what I expect to read. I published my Reading Pool for 2014 a couple of days ago. Right now it is mostly filled with books I hoped to read in 2013 but just didn’t get around to. This list tends to grow throughout the year so look for new titles now and then.

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