Is Twitter the Death of Reading?

images.jpgJanuary was pretty much out of control so I should probably be thankful that I got to read a few books (some of them actually good) and at least try to keep the ACOR website up to date and maintain some semblance of a reading record in a constantly aborting database. Add to that the iPhone battery going south and I spent little time in my favorite coffee haunts reading and sipping Goat Bombs.

One thing that has taken up far to much of my time is Twitter. I still refuse to use most of the social platforms on the internet but for some reason I started getting my up-to-date news, or at least relevant gossip, from Twitter. But I am rapidly reaching the understanding that although Twitter may have some value, it will never compensate for the inordinate amount of time following tweets consume on any given day, newsworthy or not.

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Post-Holiday Reading

images.jpgDecember was dedicated to reading a few of the big bad fat books that have been lingering on my bookshelves for years. I only finished two—The Golden Notebook and New Grub Street—but I read over half-way through a few others such as Frog and Infinite Jest. I hope I can continue reading those two books without seriously interfering with my regular scheduled reading.

January is back to a random schedule of books, big and small. There’s no theme this month, just, hopefully, some relaxing and interesting reading from authors all around the world. One of these days I may schedule a concentration of American literature: it’s still my weak point.

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