The New Grapes of Wrath

ImmigrantsThis is from today’s feed of The Daily Beast. It’s amazing how life is mirrored in literature and it’s even more amazing that these same attitudes have persisted since this country began. Last night Bill Maher recommended that anyone coming to this country with innocent hope should not believe anything they read on statues. Sad,  but unfortunately true. And in this land of immigrants (oh how soon they forget) that systematically grabbed the land from the indigenous peoples, is still out there screaming and cursing at whatever the latest immigrants happen to be: the Germans, the Poles, the Irish, the Italians, the Latinos, the Children.

Did you notice that Creationist Ken Ham has declared that we should stop all future space exploration because any space aliens we might find haven’t heard the good news of Jesus and therefore are damned to perdition. So when Jesus returns and the world ends, all the non-Christians in the universe, including BEMS, will be destroyed … so why worry about them.

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