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Zealot: The story of a good story

There is a lot of interest in Reza Aslan’s newest book, Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth. I have posted comments concerning this book earlier (here, here, and here), but now I have read it for myself and perhaps can offer a simple review.

ZealotThe premise of this excellent book is that despite all the religious followers around the world, we really don’t know much about the man known as Jesus. Aslan attempts to combine what little we do know about the historical Jesus with the stories developed in the Bible; however, the stories are not uncritically accepted as gospel, but rather are measured and analyzed against the accepted knowledge of the culture and society around the area centered on Jerusalem at the start of the Common Era.

If you like history, this book is fascinating. But if you think that it is a book written by a Moslem to destroy your religion (Christianity) you are mistaken and might be surprised at how much you can learn by reading Aslan’s book and still maintain your chosen faith.

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