Last Month’s Hi-lighted Reading Suggestions

booksEvery day I try to suggest a new book to read, usually fiction but also non-fiction, poetry, and drama. As the years have gone by, it gets increasingly difficult to keep track of those suggestions and although I strive to post a new book each day, there have been a few duplicates slipped in there. I suspect that with the turnover of visitors to this weblog, I probably shouldn’t worry too much about duplicates. So I won’t (unless it get out of hand).

This last month (July) I posted old reliable books and new, take-a-chance books. My personal experience with books I am not familiar with is that I discover a new author to add to my list about half of the time. Generally, even if I discover that I do not want to read more about an author, I am at least grateful to have taken the chance, had the experience, and then moved onto to something more to my liking.

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Reading Pool for July

outdoorWith July upon us I did a quick overview of my reading pool, removed the titles I read this last month (I did good: a couple of big ones like Gone With the Wind), and filled in some of the gaps with new titles. I guess I was lazy or perhaps still desiring to read the books I failed to read last month but I kept most of the previous month’s list.

I want to finish the Glasworthy and the Dos Passos first and then it’s clear sailing on to the end of the month. Unfortunately this is the hottest part of the year down here in South Carolina so I cannot sit outside except in the early morning. I tend to have less intrusion out on the porch and get more reading done; in the house I’m always stopping to check my email or strum my guitar.

See anything on my list that interests you? Drop me a note and we can compare our opinions.

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