There’s Some Good Stuff Out There

Reading can drive you crazy! No matter how I speed through the texts or reorganize my library or collect discount cards for the local bookstore I seem to be swimming in a vast sea of new books: books I really want to read.

If we only had the time to read them all.

images.pngOf course now I’m limiting my reading pretty much to the easier to read digital devices with an occasional ink and paper book from my own bookshelves, but if you keep an eye open, even if just barely open, there’s an exciting parade of new fiction and non-fiction flowing across the internet or being touted by respectable (or not so respectable) newspapers and periodicals. What am I to do?

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My Last Chance to Reduce My Library

images.jpgActually, it’s hopeless. Even with a full-page magnifier, I struggle with the finer print of paper and ink books and get nostalgic for the effortless ease of the expanded print available with digital editions. I will have plenty of book shelf space in my new digs but I hope all these books don’t end up being dust catchers.

You may notice that I have stopped identifying eBooks with an asterisk. First, it is silly and wasteful when I tend to select digital editions more than”real” books (if anything I should identify those “real” books as such). Furthermore, I foresee reading digital editions almost exclusively in the future, even if I have the “real” book on the shelf. 

All books are real, whether they are digital editions, paper and ink editions, or even spoken word editions (maybe).

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