Another Month of Projection

imagesEvery day when I add yet another title to my list of suggested reading, I imagine that I am seated at a rustic desk with an antique banker’s lamp casting a yellow glow over the pages of the book I am currently reading, and casting a long shadow across the floor imaging the unending stack of suggested reading teetering on the outside corner of my desk.

Of course the reality is the light of my iPad and a digital list of texts to be read in my Marvin application.

Oh, I actually have a short stack of real paper and ink books on the shelf alongside my desk but as my eyes dim, this stack is harder and harder to reduce. Still, I’m not giving up: my goal is at least one real book from my overloaded bookshelves each month .. more if I can handle it.

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A Month of Reading Dangerously

images-1.jpgI notice that I am almost always automatically drawn to novels from other lands and other cultures .. or at least novels written by authors with foreign sounding names promising me new experiences from unfamiliar people and unfamiliar places. Sometimes this tendency lets me down but more often it helps keep my reading fresh and interesting.

Then there are the novels that re-submerge me into a geographical area or lifestyle that despite a been-there-done-that undertone allows me a very satisfying sub-text  where I might even have been the model for the hero of the book. Some novels are like maps to the stars where you are the star and your early life is the stage. Generally I identify with anything referencing Southern California in the 1960s and all of Philip Roth’s novels.

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