She Needed a Dead Husband

imagesVladimir Nabokov is a very special writer. His books are not only very well written but they often require a modest twisting of the reader’s gray cells to experience much of the hidden fun in every story. Everyone who attended school beyond the 9th grade has been introduced toNabokov’s excellent puzzle book, Pale Fire, and although there are still prudish readers who refuse to sully their high morals with the story of a pedophile the likes of Lolita, Nabokov’s novel is arguably in the top ten world-wide. But many readers never go beyond those two books.

If you are reading Nabokov beyond the two well-known novels, I recommend the Nabokov bibliography on Wikipedia.

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Sybarite Habits

imgres.jpgWhen I was a young Adonis I regularly took a bath and washed my hair every Saturday in the late afternoon. Then I was ready to go carousing Saturday night (even though I was just twelve and still a couple of years away from driving). But as the years went by, I began taking regular showers … at least one a day.


When I went away to college I often found solace standing under the high-pressure spray of the dormitory showers. On some days I would take a shower in the morning to wake me up, a shower in the afternoon after sweaty inter-mural sports, and often a shower at night to relax and break the monotony of endless studying. Even when I moved into my own apartment, I still needed that wake-up shower in the morning.

However, there were a few residents on the dorm floor that were from Europe or the Near East or Cleveland who obviously had different bathing habits. I suspect they had different ideas about washing their clothes too. Now I read about how our mania for cleanliness is destroying the ultra-sexy smells that man has always relied on to attract a mate.

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