Privacy Is Following Chivalry To the Grave

ChivalryA very interesting article in the Washington Post suggests that, like chivalry before it, privacy is soon to be an outdated notion. In fact, just as chivalry created a restrictive, unequal society, too great an insistence on privacy is restrictive to growth and innovation.

The article is titled:

Privacy is following chivalry to the grave. Here’s why that’s a good thing.
By Dominic Basulto

In the digital era, it’s not only government agencies and Silicon Valley companies spying on us or attempting to monetize our data — it’s our smart TVs and our futuristic cars. And, once the Internet of Things gets fully connected, you can finally say goodbye to privacy, as just about any device will have the ability to eavesdrop on our conversations and report data in real-time. Privacy, once a right, is now not even a social norm.

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Cloudy with Chance of Car Parts

ParsifalLet’s see: a novel about a shy fountain pen repairman called Parsifal who lives at a time when the earth is at war with the sky and returns to the forest primeval to search for his long-lost favorite cup. Sound familiar?

The Parsifal legend tells the story of a naive boy whose mother kept him isolated from the world. Parsifal eventually leaves home after having met some knights in the woods, naively does bad things to some people and as a Knight of the Round Table discovers the Castle of the Grail. There he finds the Fisher King (who is his uncle), suffering from a wound that does not heal, but is kept alive by the forces of the Grail. Parsifal does not ask him the critical question “why is he suffering” and because of this lack of concern for the suffering of another, Parsifal wakes to find himself alone in the castle. Later Parsifal learns of his fault and starts a long, adventure-filled quest to rediscover the Grail castle. A long suffering but mature Parsifal is finally called back to the castle, poses the vital question to the Fisher King, thus saving him and his court, and becomes the king of the Grail.

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