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Manchurian Candidate?

Visionary? Great American? Political Whore? Treasonous Scum? TomAnd it was up to the Iranians to correct Cotton’s faulty knowledge of the United States Constitution. Good move, Tom. With Senators like you, who needs enemies?

See the other freshman Senators at Credo … brought to you by Tom Tomorrow. Of course Credo is focusing on the new Senators supported by the big Telcom companies like Verizon and AT&T but with the current obscenity of the Senate 47, Tom Cotton is front and center in the Idiocracy.


Bernie Sanders Nails It: “Let’s Not Kid Ourselves.”

David Harris Gershon in The Daily Kos:

Senator Bernie Sanders has encapsulated in a single, biting paragraph why the current GOP-led government shutdown is occurring. It’s a paragraph he uttered on MSNBC and then Tweeted out to the world.

It’s a paragraph worth reading:

(58) Twitter - Search - #GOPshutdown 2013-10-08 14-37-54

This is about the wealthiest among us inflicting unspeakable pain upon American citizens and doing irreparable harm to the United States in order to protect their deep-pocketed interests.

It’s about a child-like greed and self-serving insensitivity that the contemporary GOP has come to embrace with open arms.

It’s billionaires going to war against Americans, and against America.

It’s that simple.