Did I mention Jim Krusoe?

Jim KrusoeJim Krusoe is a lesser known author that has a short list of novels that are fun, interesting, a little tweaked, but ultimately dealing with the episodes and difficulties we all have in life. I like to read Krusoe and I’ll wager you would too.

Krusoe teaches in Los Angeles and looks as if he has had his share of life’s experiences. His bibliography is short but worth looking up, especially in the library since his novels are quickly read. His last four novels have been published by Tin House Press (see).

  • Blood Lake and Other Stories
  • Iceland
  • Girl Factory
  • Erased
  • Toward You
  • Parsifal

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Was Stephen King the Inspiration for Pixar’s Cars?

An excellent writer?

Having withstood the shock and awe of many book groups through the years by steadfastly refusing to read, much less admire, anything written by Stephen King, I was pleased to run across an editorial on the same subject in the LA Review of Books:  My Stephen King Problem: A Snob’s Notes by Dwight Allen. My one complaint is that Allen refers to his essay as a “Snob’s Notes.” I prefer to think of the situation as an observant, thinking individual against the King bigots. Be sure to read all the knee-jerk negative comments on Allen’s essay for an overview of the fans of SK.

Why do people read Stephen King? Beats the poop out of me. King is a less than stellar writer and unnecessarily wordy. I have attempted to read King on three occasions, generally to show King lovers that I will give the author an honest opportunity to overcome my inability to see anything redeeming in his novels. Unfortunately, the results are all about the same and involve an open window. I have had readers meekly suggest that they read King for escape and because he is easy to read. This I find unbelievable:  King’s writing, for me, is a terrible mishmash that is not worth the effort it takes to make it understandable, and this doesn’t even consider the less than brilliant and highly repetitious narratives that King’s imagination regurgitates on a regular basis.

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