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The Bush Legacy

If you know me, I tend to prefer listening to the radio rather than sitting like an idiot in front of the television. Yes, I put a good classical music station while I am reading, not because I am a snob, but because classic music is generally without words and is less distracting. However, my main radio life is involved with those stations that fill my room with talk … mostly old-time radio series but also progressive talk radio. All day today I have been listening to discussions of the problem with Syria and whether or not Obama (actually the corporations that see huge profits from yet another war) will send in the missiles, bombs, Pizza Huts, whatever.

BushIt’s all very complicated but it’s clear to me that the legacy of the Bush presidency is that the public no longer has any faith in the veracity of the government. The government lies; the corporations lie; American democracy is a lie. Thank you Dubya.

Then again, I’ve seen those cute kitten paintings George does; maybe a good clown painting will be the Bush legacy.