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Minding the V’s and P’s in Michigan

Did you see that a female member of the Michigan House of Representatives were banned from speaking on the floor of the legislature because she had used language that was objectionable and against the rules of decorum in such an august body of swinging dicks … yes, she said the ultra-obscene seldom openly expressed word, “vagina.”

The legislature was debating an abortion bill so it is no wonder that such an out of context scientific term had the male legislators rushing to the restrooms where, presumably, they washed out their ears with Lifebuoy. Representative Lisa Brown later commented that, “If you’re regulating vaginas, I don’t know how we’re supposed to not talk about them.”

Oh, a second female legislator was banned because she tried to introduce a bill which made vasectomy illegal except when the man’s life was threatened. Do you think she said “penis?”