Library Memories

When I was a young man, the school I went to had a library .. not a media center. Actually, I like the name “media center;” “library” contains that ancient term “liber” which at least etymologically suggests books and is not expansive enough for all the modern media that can nowadays be found in libraries.

Twenty-five years ago my favorite public library was in an adjacent county but was well worth the annual fee I had to cover just to enjoy its advanced and diverse collections.

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Do You Have a System?

Paul recently commented after reading my latest Monthly Reading Pool:

I have challenged myself to read a book from each shelf in the fiction section. … My goal is to pick at least one book from each shelf, and to do 2 shelves each trip (that way I can still get books on my regular reading list). … There are some obvious flaws in my plan (the library devotes 6 complete shelves to James Patterson).

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New Year’s Cleanup

It’s time for the annual cleanup at ACOR:  Tomorrow is a new day, a new month, and especially a new year. Time to generate new reading lists, review old reading lists, start new pages on the website, etc. Any out-of-date pages will be updated shortly and several new blank pages may appear which will be filled with content in no time at all. Patience and understanding is appreciated until the change-over is complete.

Mac DaddyI would also like to make some significant room on my bookshelves. Right now my books are set up in three rows on each shelf (they are deep) and sometimes I go wild trying to find a title I want to read. I made some room this last year but that was because I added new shelves in the bedroom and not because I read a lot of books (actually, I did read a lot but many ebooks, many library books, and it seemed that every time I read a book from my shelf I also bought a new book from the internet).

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