If screaming doesn’t work, just lie

I have been noticing that certain characteristics are important to develop a major American political party in opposition to the Democrats (and to Democracy)

  1. Scream and rant about the things the opposition may do or say but then do or say the same thing yourself looking totally innocent and if the opposition points this hypocrisy out to you, accuse them of being cry-babies.
  2. Lie openly and often. If the opposition presents proof to the contrary, accuse them of lying. If the opposition … well, see No. 1.
  3. If you are caught being evil, be contrite and suggest that both sides need to clean their houses:  Fair and Balanced means that one sides gets to do the wrong and the other side is required to take an equal portion of the blame to keep things balanced.
  4. Ignore the wishes of the citizens of the country unless they agree with your support of the rich and powerful at the expense of everyone else.
  5. Never forget that if it is deleterious to American citizens, it is good for the country; and if it destroys government, it is good for government.
  6. If any of the rich and powerful defect to the opposition, accuse them of being scheming and evil, even if it’s clearly a lie without any evidence to support it.
  7. Regularly compare the opposition to the most evil people or events in history and if there is any push-back, blame the opposition for playing the race card or the NAZI card, or waging war on mothers, or denying women’s rights, or anything else you can pull out of your butt.
  8. Lie. Lie. Lie.

I imagine I could go on and on with this list. Is there anything I should have included?