Pope Is Pretty Puissant

universityBack in the ’90s my daughter was showing her academic strengths at High School and, to the delight of her father, also developing in sports and social relationships. But so much of her direction was being primed by her father, the English Major and book reader. The Kid went on to college, earning a double major in English and French, admirable grades and honors, and went on to graduate school to get her PhD in Comparative Literature. She now teaches film studies and various humanities courses in the English Department at a major university. Along the way the idea of concentrating in the Humanities was considered so inane that I felt I had to lend my support.

When I was in Graduate School I studied literature (17th Century Restoration Drama) and learned to program computers at night in an effort to keep food on the table. You would have thought that the combination of Alexander Pope and FORTRAN was strange but the man who hired me explained that to be a good programmer you needed to think analytically and that was the type of thinking you learned in the Humanities.

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It Seems So Simple

poorWhy do tax cuts lead, counter-intuitively, to industrial decline, stagnant wages, and finally financial collapse?

This was the question asked in a very interesting article at The Daily Kos by  David Cay Johnston titled Democrats struggle to understand how Bush Tax Cuts wiped out $6.6 trillion in personal income. Johnson wrote the book Free Lunch: How the Wealthiest Americans Enrich Themselves at Government Expense (and Stick You With the Bill), which sounds like pop-analysis but read the complete article and judge for yourself if his analysis is accurate.

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Yahweh Deserves Better

GohmertHow can anyone pass up an article that has the sub-heading,

Yahweh Deserves Better than Texas Primitive Gohmert?

I don’t think the main point of this article is that Louis Gohmert is almost as smart as an armadillo, but rather that he does an admirable job of spreading the silliness and inanity of Christian Fundamentalism and therefore functions as an ideal congressman representing the large state of Texas.

The full title of this piece published at Nation of Change by Robert S. Becker is

Mocking Literalists Defy ‘Literal’ Science for ‘Creation Myth’

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